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matters of interest from the most recent meeting of the Pariochial Church Council

read homilies by the Rector and others preached at services this year

a monthly article from Professor Joyce Hill, reflecting on an aspect of the current liturgical season

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PCC News

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read homilies preached on principal feasts and seasons at St Mary-le-Bow and by the Rector in other parishes this year

⇒ The Revd George Bush | Candlemas 2018

⇒ Dan Warnke | Ash Wednesday 2018

⇒ The Revd George Bush | at St John’s Wimbledon 2018

⇒ Dan Warnke | Maundy Thursday 2018

⇒ The Revd Mae Christie| The Ascension Day 2018

⇒ The Revd Daniel Warnke |The Costermongers’ Harvest Festival 2018

⇒ The Revd George Bush | Before the Election of the Lord Mayor 2018


read reflections on aspects of the liturgical season by Emeritus Professor Joyce Hill (University of Leeds)

⇒ January | Holy Innocents Day

⇒ February | Into the Wilderness

⇒ March | Jews and Romans in the Trial of Jesus

⇒ April | The Cross and the Crucifix

⇒ May | In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit

⇒ June | Etheldreda of Ely

⇒ July | Anna and Joachim

⇒ August | St Augustine of Hippo

⇒ September | When were the Gospels written?

⇒ October| Alfred the Great