The Tower Project

Restoring Wren’s Tower

Work has begun on an extensive project to restore the stonework of Wren’s Tower and scaffolding is rising. The contract for the restoration work has been awarded to Sykes & Son Ltd. The work is likely to continue until April, and access to the church from Cheapside will be unimpeded. Below is an outline of the principal areas of repair. We are most grateful to our funders, notably:

– The Trust for London (City Churches)
– The Worshipful Company of Grocers
– The Worshipful Company of Mercers
– Fidelity International
– Trinity Church, New York City

Following the earlier netting of the pots à feu at the main balustrade level, and also the smaller ones at higher level, we are now ready to undertake the full repair of the stone details.

Of course the tower has been subject to repair many times, including the louvres of the belfry which have all been renewed during the past 15 years. Christopher Wren’s tower was among his most ambitious and novel works. There were few sources for towers in antiquity; most architects relied on the Gothic vocabulary. The tower is both scholarly and fantastic. At the time of its completion (c.1680) Londoners were puzzled by its scale and invention; not everyone was a fan. Today it is iconic and admired.

Please review this page for updates and images showing the current restoration project 2019.