About JustShare


What is JustShare?

JustShare is a coalition of churches and development agencies which seeks to address the widening gap between rich and poor in the global economy.

What does it do?

JustShare encourages dialogue with banks and other institutions in the City of London in order to achieve positive change.

JustShare holds regular debates, lectures and panel discussions to promote justice for the poorest in the world, and a just share of the world’s resources for all.

JustShare is a coalition of churches and charities committed to promoting a just share of the world’s resources for all. We do this through free public debates, seminars, lectures and other events aiming to engage specifically with the City of London on issues of global development and justice, and to encourage positive action in response.

What is JustShare?

We use our base in the City of London to drive discussion and promote change, always actively seeking to promote a just share of the world’s resources for everyone.

First established in 2002, JustShare is run by a Steering Group of church and NGO representatives from our office at St Mary-le-Bow Church on Cheapside. We draw our vision and values from our Christian commitment to the common good, but welcome people of all faiths and none into our network to work towards a fairer world.

What do we do?

• Engage with the City on the subject of global development and social justice.
• Educate people about development and justice issues in the City and beyond
• Establish practical projects, partnerships and networks to promote dialogue and encourage action.
• Encourage business leaders and opinion makers to pursue change in policy and practice to ensure a constant drive towards a more just world.
• Endorse a collaboration between Christian communities and others in the City who share the same vision of a just world for all.

How do we do it?

• Use our network of City churches as venues for debates, discussions and dialogues.
• We host a series of theological lectures (the Christian Social and Political Thought series) to introduce Christian thought on justice and equality.
• We use these events as a starting place for further networking and collaboration, building bridges within the City community to engender change in policy and practice.
• We encourage sustainable procurement across the City of London, promoting Fairtrade products in particular.

Upcoming Events
The Just Share Co-ordinator post is currently vacant and we are using this period to
re-evaluate our impact and fellowship.
Apart from Events, we want to consider some of our earlier interests
(Fairtrade and Sustainability; Impact Investment) and examine a new one – Research.
Please be patient with us as we have a good look at the future of JustShare.

Past Events

Contact JustShare

To contact the JustShare Coordinator:

Email: justshare@stmarylebow.org.uk
Twitter: @JustShareUK
Facebook: www.facebook.com/JustShareUK

Telephone: 020 7248 5139

Please note: this number is for the Parish office of St Mary-le-Bow Church. The JustShare Coordinator works here but is only available at select times. Please email in the first instance for fastest response.

Postal address:

c/o St Mary-le-Bow,
London, EC2V 6AU

Accessibility at events:

Every effort has been made by our host venues to provide accessible entry and induction loop/infrared hear assistance in their buildings. If possible, please contact us prior to an event if you require assistance and we would be glad to help.

Can you support our work?

Become a Friend of JustShare – Donate today!

JustShare runs its regular programme of free events on an annual budget of just over £10,000. We rely on your generosity to sustain our work. You can donate through one of the following ways:

Text Donation

You can donate £5 now by texting JUST46£5 to 70070
(or any amount you wish by changing to £1, £2, £3, £4, £5, £10).

Send a Cheque

Make cheques out to JustShare and send to:

St Mary-le-Bow Church,
Cheapside, London EC2V 6AU

At an Event

Give what you can in the collections basket at our events.

Thank you for your support and for giving generously!