Organ Recitals 2023

The Organ Project 2010

building and installing a new organ by Kenneth Tickell and Company
images courtesy of John Norman

About the instrument

The 2010 organ combines the best of the old and new: a new two-manual and pedal design by Kenneth Tickell & Company placed in the fine existing case. The character of the organ is not only an exceptional asset to this church, but also adds greatly to the richness of organ culture in the City and the capital.

The Project

  • In 2004 John Norman was appointed consultant
  • Kenneth Tickell & Company were chosen as builders
  • Funds were raised from corporate and personal donors as well as by the Parish
    In January 2010 the old Rushworth & Dreaper instrument was removed from the case
    Between April and July Tickell’s team installed the new organ
  • Voicing took place throughout August
  • On 29th September 2010 the Inaugural Recital was given by Thomas Trotter


The style of the organ case (built to accommodate Rushworth & Dreaper’s instrument in the 1960s) bears similarities to the work of the Alsace Silbermann family in the 18th century. The French inspiration behind the stoplist echoes the influences found in the casework. With the exception of some large wooden Pedal basses, the instrument is entirely new. In total, the design and installation of the new organ has cost £380,000.



Bourdon                     16
Open Diapason         8
Stopped Diapason    8
Gamba                        8
Principal                     4
Spitz Flute                  4
Fifteenth                    2
Cornet                        III
Furniture                   IV
Trumpet                    8
Cromorne                 8
Swell to Great



Chimney Flute                    8
Viola                                     8
Voix Celeste                        8
Principal                              4
Traverse Flute                    4
Nazard                                2 2/3
Open Flute                         2
Tierce                                  1 3/5
Larigot                                1 1/3
Mixture                               III-IV
Bassoon                             16
Trumpet                             8
Hautboy                             8
Bow Bells (Cymbelstern)




Sub Bass                    16
Violone                       16
Principal                     8
Open Flute                 8
Octave                        4
Trombone                 16
Trumpet (from Gt)    8
Swell to Pedal
Great to Pedal 

Tracker key action
Slider soundboards
Electric stop and combination actions



The organ was blessed during a Sung Eucharist on the 24th June 2010 by the Revd Dr James H. Cooper, Rector of Trinity Church, Wall Street, New York City.

The Consultant is John Norman.

The Builder is Kenneth Tickell & Company, Northampton, England.


We are most grateful to our donors and sponsors:

The Most Revd & Rt Hon. the Archbishop of Canterbury, The Grocers’ Company, The Worshipful Company of Firefighters, Stanhope PLC, Mayer Brown Rowe & Maw LLP, The Carlyle Group, Morley, Aberdeen Asset Management, ING Direct, Bow Bells House Partnership Ltd, Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation, Trinity Church / St Paul’s Chapel, New York, The Mercers’ Company, The Worshipful Company of Arbitrators, the Pearly King and Queen of Bow Bells, Clifford Chance LLP, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of England & Wales, St Martin-in-the-Fields, The Worshipful Company of Masons, The ON Organ Fund, The Friends of City Churches, Hunting Charitable Trust, The Really Useful Group, The Wates Foundation, The Friends of St Paul’s Cathedral.